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We are asking all cyclists who ride a bicycle in San Joaquin and the Motherlode to report unsafe road conditions due to lack of maintenance.

For example: San Joaquin County

West Lane and Lower Sacramento Roads between Lodi and Stockton. Nice wide bike lanes but, full of debris.

What to Report?

Roadway location

Type of road issue

Debris, trash, litter

Pot hole, Crack

Landscaping tree, bushes, mud, sand

Your input will be reported to Caltrans D10 and the San Joaquin County Public Works by D10 Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members

Public Works Maintenance Direct Reporting Option

Send your input to,

The Eighth Annual Ride & Walk 4 Art on March 17, 2024 offers a variety of fun for everyone in West Calaveras County. This popular event, organized by the Calaveras County Arts Council and managed by the Mother Lode Bicycle Coalition, has three bicycle ride choices—30, 45, and 70 miles—or a 4.5 mile walk along New Hogan Lake. It finishes with a home-cooked lunch at the Jenny Lind Veterans Memorial District in Valley Springs.

A fundraiser for the Arts Council’s Arts Education fund, Ride & Walk 4 Art has grown from a neighborhood event in its first years in San Andreas to a cross-country road ride. It starts and ends at the Jenny Lind Veterans Memorial District in Valley Springs.

Ride director Rob Williams said the move to the Valley Springs site has been a great choice. “There is parking for over 200 cars. There are indoor bathrooms. And it starts and ends the ride at a safe neighborhood location.”

Bicycling Routes

The cycling routes are designed to offer cyclists a choice for their fitness level.Out-and-back rides branch from a central route; riders can add the mileage that is just right for their fitness level. Williams cautioned that riders should honestly assess their abilities. Some of the hill climbs are intense.

Safe and secure

One of the benefits of joining an organized ride is the safety that comes from a well-run ride. The event relies on volunteers to keep the wheels spinning. “The volunteers that manage the event have been together for 5 years,” Williams said. “The radio operators, the rest stop crew and the support crew all work together to make sure it’s a safe, fun ride.”

“We’re really proud of our safety record, and of making sure cyclists feel comfortable on the road.” He emphasized that road safety control will be available from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the day of the event, and the American Legion Ambulance service will be on site.

If you get stuck with a flat tire, or you just run out of air, volunteers with the Calaveras Amateur Radio Association are stationed at key points along the ride to call a sag wagon. Three local bike shops will provide mechanical assistance along the route: Mountain Pedaler Bicycles from Angels Camp, Bear Valley Bicycles from Arnold, and Jackson Bike and Board.

All rest stops will be fully stocked. “I’d like to thank Moke Hill Nuts & Candies for leading off with a donation,” Williams said. He gave a nod to the volunteers who will be stationed at the rest stops. “They’ll take every health precaution to keep riders safe.”

Take a walk

If cycling isn’t your jam, you can enjoy a sedate walk along the Cameron Trail starting at the New Hogan Lake Over Look near the Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters. Hike as much of the 4.5-mile trail as you wish, then head over at noon to the veterans hall for lunch.

Eat some lunch

As she has for the last 7 years, Cynthia Pryzbyla will lead her team of volunteers as they serve a chicken-in-a-barrel lunch with “all the fixins” in the comfort of the veterans hall. Their volunteer service goes beyond this event. “The cooking crew has been together since the Cajun Fete,” Williams said, “so they’ve been together for close to 30 years. They are really experienced and do a great job with the chicken-in-a-barrel.”

This year local vendor Cowabunga Ice Cream truck will be on hand to sell ice cream treats, Powerade frozen pops, and pickle pops. They pledged to donate a portion of their proceeds to the Arts in Education fund.

Returning this year is the Bike and Art Show Gallery. Check out local artists who specialize in bike and hiking arts.

Past participants say that this event is one of the nicest local bike-and-walk events, with plenty of volunteers and a friendly non-competitive community atmosphere. And the proceeds go to a worthy cause.

Ride & Walk 4 Art Supports Arts in Education

Ride & Walk 4 Art supports the Calaveras County Arts Council’s mission to support arts education in Calaveras public schools. Every year the fundraising event Ride & Walk 4 Art raises between $4000 and $6000 for the Arts in Education program.

“The Calaveras Arts Council is committed to supporting the arts of every medium in our local schools,” said Executive Director Kathy Mazzaferro. “We are delighted to sponsor such programs as the Fine Arts Day in Jenny Lind, performances by "B Street" theater in San Andreas, as well as lessons with visiting artists in the classrooms.”

But most importantly, this fundraiser provides resources for schools to help students make sense of their lives as they learn critical real-world skills like creative thinking, resilience, problem solving, and project management. “There are any number of studies that prove that the arts help students in everything from math to science, language and social skills,” Mazzaferro said. “And it's fun!”

Just by having fun riding a bike, participants give the gift of art to Calaveras County students. That’s a pretty good time for all.

Contact information:

Register at

For more information:

Dear Motherlode Bicycle Coalition Members and Partners,

The Motherlode Bicycle Coalition was founded in 2017 by local bike advocates and avid cyclists. To date, our work has focused on making our Central Sierra communities more bike friendly,and welcoming destinations for all types of bike adventures.

This summer the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition Founding Board members, Nikki Grimes, Carol Ryder, and Carl Baker retired as Board Members. Founding Members Rob WIlliams, Robert Leibold, Dwight Follen and Jack Becker remain on the board as integral parts of its success.

We’re pleased to introduce six new additions to the MLBC Board:MLBC’s new officers are Chairperson Todd Berg, Secretary Ben Cook, and Treasurer Siobhán Hayes. And we’ve added new at-large Board Members Mark Schwartz, Timothy England, and April Johnson, representing Alpine, Tuolumne, and Calaveras County, respectively.

Featured Board Members

Todd Berg, equally at home on bike, board, or rock, is a lifelong outdoorsman and champion for the Motherlode area’s outdoor economy. Todd’s career includes leadership roles in the outdoor industry, projectmanagement, and non-profit organizations. As Chairperson of MLBC, Todd is focusing his leadership experience on building coalitions of partner organizations advocating for inclusive outdoor access, and creating opportunities for mutual uplift around a thriving outdoor economy in the Motherlode area.

Mark Schwartz was born and raised in San Jose and moved to Markleeville with his wife Patricia in 2016. While Mark’s day job is Director of Business Development for a California-based tech company, his real job is Board President of the Alpine Chamber of Commerce which owns and operates the Death Ride. When he’s not organizing bike events, you can find Mark riding bikes (road mostly, but gravel and MTB, too), hiking/snowshoeing, and volunteering on various other boards in the Alpine Co. area. To learn more about Mark check out his blog at

April Johnson is an avid dirt rider, supermom, and proprietor of Mountain Aloha MTB Co. in Avery. Outside of the bike shop she and her husband run, April volunteers her time supporting cycling events and advocating for better trails in the Motherlode. April is MLBC’s Director of Marketing in charge of maintaining our online presence including our website and social media outlets.

Presently, our Board represents a broad spectrum of cycling interests - from road to gravel to trails and beyond. Board Members are passionate about a range of initiatives from getting local kids on bikes and engaged in positive activities, to breaking down barriers to cycling so anyone regardless of age, identity, or economic status can safely ride for fun or transportation in any of the places we call home.

Founding Member Rob Williams’s new role is Director of Special Events. And Rob and Carl continue their advocacy work of representing the Motherlode cycling community at the local and state government levels. Jack Becker continues his dedicated work as our Executive Director.

Be sure to check our website for photos and bios for all of our new and continuing Board Members (


The Motherlode Bicycle Coalition remains a Project of the California Bicycle Coalition (; and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with CalBike in the New Year.Dave Synder, former CalBike Executive Director, has taken a new role as Senior Director of Local Innovation at PeopleForBikes, a national cycling advocacy organization. Congrats Dave!

Vision, Mission, and Strategies

We’ve been holding visioning meetings over the past year to develop a new Mission and set of near-term Strategies for how MLBC will realize our Vision of a vibrant cycling community centered around a safer, more accessible network of cycling opportunities in the Motherlode area. Keep an eye out for MLBC’s new Mission and Strategies in the weeks to come. We can’t wait to get to work with the Motherlode’s diverse community of cyclists and partners towards making our collective cycling dreams a reality.

2022 Highlights

• Helped establish the Caltrans District 10 Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee. We currently have three MLBC Board Members serving on the BPAC.

• Submitted Caltrans and county road maintenance requests on Murphys Grade, Highway 4, and along Highway 108.

• Supported the CalBike Cycling Tourism Study to improve and encourage recreational biking in the Motherlode and are the owners of the Bike Riding Tourism website.

• Managed the Calaveras County Arts Council RideandWalk4Art

• Managed the Fenney Park Mr, Frogs Wild Ride

• Served as Host of the Lake Alpine Death Ride Stop

• Sponsored the Feeney Park Grape Stomp Bike Valet

• Sponsored the Tuolumne County Bikes for Tykes Project

• Presented Bike Access Plans to the Camanche Recreation Coast to Crest Trail and EBMUD Pipeline Trail

Looking Ahead

• Reschedule Monthly Pop up Bike Rides led by MLBC Board Members featuring our favorite Gold Rush rides.

• Hold youth bikes rodeos in the Motherlode

• Hold Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Days

• Build Bikes for Tykes During Holidays

• Take an active role in supporting the California Bicycle Coalition 2023 Advocacy Agenda.

• Promote the Cycling Tourism Study at the local and regional levels to improve and encourage recreational cycling opportunities in the Motherlode:

• Work closely with the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce to support next year’s Death Ride - Tour of the California Alps

Come ride with us! Become a MLBC Member

With your energy, experience, and membership, we can work together to:

• Build bicycle-friendly communities

• Break down barriers to cycling

• Improve air quality and public health

• Educate cyclists and motorists on sharing the road

• Promote bike rides and routes in the Motherlode and Eastern Sierra

• Organize more bicycle events to promote cycling, increase public awareness, and have fun.

• Promote safe riding in the California Foothills and the Sierra in 2023

Get Involved:

Facebook: Motherlode Bicycle Coalition

Instagram: Motherlodebike

Strava Club: Motherlode Bicycle Coalition

Flipboard: BikeMotherlode

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