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Bike Riding in Stockton

The San Joaquin Bike Coalition, Visit Stockton, Helping Urban Bicylists and Robby‘s Bicyles are all responsible for the increased popularity of cycling in Stockton. Listed below are the links to bike riding resource, rides, and important bike information in Stockton.


The San Joaquin Bike Coalition (SJBC) is a volunteer-based 501c3 organization, with a mission to promote bicycle safety and improve the means to use alternative transportation in San Joaquin County. The SJBC is a successful bike advocacy organization and before the Pandemic offered bike rides, bike events and advocacy to promote safe cycling. The SJBC bike rides are now hosted by Robby’s Bikes, led by Stockton’s Favorite Bike Leader, Tyler Young.


Posted on Visit Stockton, Matt Beckwith shares advice on all things cycling in Stockton, California as well as a few of his favorite rides. Visit Stockton hosted the Tour of California that brought professional bike racing to all local residents in San Joaquin County and promotes bike ride information. STOCKTON RECORD The Stockton Record published a great news feature about bike riding in Stockton, June 2016. This information is relevant to new cyclists riding bikes during the pandemic and looking for bike ride locations in Stockton

HELPING URBAN CYCLISTS The HUB (Helping Urban Bicyclists) is a community resource to assist the under-employed and homeless with transportation needs and daily existence. Pastor Stephen Bentley of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of San Joaquin is the Bike Mechanic and Ambassador of Bike Riding in Stockton.


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