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Calaveras Bike Event Supports Art Education

Calaveras County Arts Council

RideandWalk4Art Is Back!

RideandWalk4Art county special event permits have been approved to hold a NO FRILLS bike and walk event on Sunday, March 21, 2021 in Western Calaveras County. This event will be touchless, pre-registration online, no lunch, no entertainment, and keep your own space!

What we are providing and monitoring is a beautiful springtime bike or walk in Calaveras County!

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition Jack Becker

The Calaveras Amateur Radio Association and San Andreas American Legion Ambulance will be at RideandWalk4Art to insure cyclists and walking safety.

Support vehicles will monitor the cycling route and Road Safety Volunteers will supervise all intersections. Cameron Trail will be monitored by event volunteer.

Learn more and register at our website:

Calaveras CountyArts Education Fundraiser

The Calaveras County Arts Council has a mission to support arts in our public schools. In 2019 the fundraising event Ride & Walk 4 Art raised nearly $6,000; all of the money was earmarked for arts in our public schools. Sadly, last year the Arts Council canceled Ride & Walk 4 Art due to the Covid-19 emergency. Happily, most participants said, "keep our registration money!" But the Arts Council has fallen far short of it’s goal of matching last year's contributions. And this upcoming 2021 school year, students will need the arts more than ever as they return to school and try to navigate this new world we live in. RideandWalk4Art helps pay for many things: art supplies for classes, visiting artists, school theater projects, art days at elementary schools. But most importantly, this fundraiser helps students make sense of their lives as they learn critical real world skills like creative thinking, resilience, problem solving, and project management. Studies show that children with access to the arts fare better in school and life.

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