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Cycling Tourism Survey

Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Asked to civic leaders, government officials, bike related businesses, economic and tourism directors.

Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is grateful to the cycling community for supporting Pedaling Paths to Independence for 12 consecutive years. The ride has become the agency's most successful fund raising event.

Areas need to invest in bicycle tourism now more than ever. It is easy for people to maintain physical distancing while cycling. They will still rent overnight lodging and support local businesses. It is a win, win.

As an avid road and mountain biker, and civil servant in local Public Works, I'm happy to see this project evolve and come to fruition.

We need to eliminate rumble strips on Highways without shoulders. Rumble strips on Highways with shoulders should have regularly spaced breaks of 3-4 feet of smooth pavement to allow cyclists to move to and from the shoulder to avoid road hazards. Making this area more bicycle friendly would be a boon to local businesses, hotels, restaurants, stores would all benefit from the cycling tourism dollars

Our region has huge potential for bike tourism and could see substantial benefits with straightforward improvements like dedicated bike lanes and increased awareness of bike culture.

Thanks for this opportunity & good luck!

I would very much like to support efforts to create more bicycle recreation in our county. Please let me know how I can be of service.

Modesto is making improvements but realize that if we have few bike amenities, there will be few cyclists. It is a catch 22 but I believe we need to add amenities and then we will see the cyclists. One specific problem is security when leaving bicycles in order to shop and do errands. Bike racks in full view rather than tucked around a corner can help.

Promoting cycling is good for the economy (through tourism and quality of life that can attract more companies), public health (promoting exercise and healthy lifestyles), and the environment (reduced carbon emissions). Its a smart investment for the future! I was asked to present on the role of Tourism in Lodi at the last CalBike Summit. The information was made public.

Bicycle Tourism would bring dollars to the local economy. Improving local roads would create more incentive for bicycle activity in the area!

love to see this happen to benefit our community

We can see the value of creating a safe system of bicycle routes that both protect the cyclist and avoid conflicts and interruption of vehicle traffic. The more scenic the route, the better and the ability to connect our local communities and destination could be a big benefit to some of our businesses.

very interested in this.

Although we may be challenged right now to fund many of the road improvements needed throughout the County, I am hopeful dedicated road revenues will eventually increase and sidewalks, bike paths, paved shoulders will be added where possible. Please don't ignore the potential of the National Forest road networks for bike travel and recreation. We have hundreds of miles of underutilized Forest roads that are ideal for gravel biking and bikepacking, two of the growing sectors of the bike travel industry with strong appeal to young visitors. Improved promotion and maintenance of Forest roads are low cost ways to expand use of existing infrastructure and bring visitors to nature. It is important to expand and improve bike infrastructure, but far more important to remove barriers to the use of underused existing infrastructure.

I think events that get people out enjoying Modesto's many trails would be good, especially since so many bicycles were purchased during COVID. If feels like we are at the tipping point of our local community becoming more bicycle centric.

There are several opportunities for Rail to Trails conversions throughout the region. These are particularly beneficial for tourism as they are more rideable and therefore enjoyable for the average bicyclist.

The county cannot put in funding for bike lanes beyond school access issues. Our limited funds are currently inadequate and we struggle just to maintain what exists. If this coalition wants to put in bike lanes, they will need to secure 100% of the funding to do so. In addition they will need to secure easements as many of the roads only have an easement to the end of the pavement.

Thank you for doing this! Much needed


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