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It was a 9.5 Event

Former Calaveras County Judge Douglas Mewhinney scored RideandWalk4Art a 9.5. He said, next year have coffee to get a score of 10.

Some Highlights from RideandWalk4Art

Our Kitchen Captain walked over 25,000 steps, or 10 miles preparing lunch for 175

There were more cyclists riding 70 mile route than any other year

We Ran Out of Rest Stop food! Ugh. And, cyclists asked for Pickles in 2025

Close to 90 cyclists were new to RideandWalk4Art Routes

Most cyclists traveled 60-90 minutes to participate

One accident happened at mile 2, a broken arm and wrist caused by hitting an exposed pothole

Registration for 2025 is Open with Early Registration Discounts

PS Coffee and Pickles on our 2025 Priority List

The Art Show Displayed 12 paintings and Student Bike Art from Toyon Middle School

Ride Report Video from RideandWalk4Art Director Rob Williams


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