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RideandWalk4Art 2021

Save the Date! March 21, 2021

We are optimistic about 2021, and so we have scheduled a Ride & Walk 4 Art "Get out of the house!" ride for March 21, 2021. We will be strictly observing all health protocols at that time to keep you and our volunteers safe as houses.  Ride  Walk 4 Art is a fun way to help Calaveras County public schools provide meaningful art instruction to our kids. You get a joyful ride through beautiful Calaveras County (plus lunch) and every dime of our profits is used to expose kids to theater, painting, drawing, literature and poetry. Our kids need the arts so that they develop life-long creative skills that they will need to survive in our world. And this year, the need is even greater, as school budgets have been slashed. Please help us keep the arts in our public schools. 


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