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Tuolumne County: Jamestown-Columbia-Sonora Loop

Tuolumne County offers several top contenders for bicycle tourism – perhaps the most of any County within the study area. The proximity of the three communities of Jamestown, Columbia, and Sonora makes this an combined showcase area, with roughly 15 miles separating the three if ridden in a loop. For bicycle-minded visitors headed to Yosemite National Park, this area would be an additional cycling destination that can also offer alternative lodging to the often sold-out lodging within Yosemite Valley. Looking ahead to interregional connectivity, this focus area is also centered between Murphys and Knights Ferry, with roughly 20 miles separating each destination from the Jamestown area

We want your feedback!

Please review your county’s showcase area and tell us what you think!

Are these the popular bike routes you like to ride currently?

What bike destinations or routes would you like to visit/ride to in the future?

Do you have Safety concerns within any Showcase Area?

Do you have any ideas for supportive amenities (signage, repair services, bike racks, etc) that would encourage bike riding in the Showcase Areas

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