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Alpine County: Safety on State Routes

Alpine County is unique among the five counties of this study. It has the smallest population – less than 1,200 people per Census data – which more than triples each summer when the annual Death Ride brings cyclists and spectators to the area. While certainly a popular event, improvements along the rides’s many mountainous passes can improve safety for those seeking to cycle the roadways outside of the organized event, and create opportunities for additional road cycling events. Safety improvements along these corridors would also benefit the residents of Markleeville, Woodford, Bear Valley and other residential areas where State Routes commonly serve as “main street.

We want your feedback regarding Alpine County

Are these the popular bike routes you like to ride currently?

What bike destinations or routes would you like to visit/ride to in the future?

Do you have Safety concerns within any Showcase Area?

Do you have any ideas for supportive amenities (signage, repair services, bike racks, etc) that would encourage bike riding in the Showcase Areas

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