When: March 15-April 2, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Where: Online by Zoom invitation from CalBike

Photo Credit Ray Prevost

The Interregional Bicycle Tourism Study has identified five showcase areas in the Central Valley, the Motherlode, and the Sierra on which to focus.

You can read about the proposed Showcase Areas at:

We want to learn as much as we can about these five showcase bike areas so that our proposals reflect the needs of bicyclists and lead to real change.

Better bicycling conditions will improve our local economy and provide a healthy resource for residents and visitors alike. We need your help to make that happen.

We are looking for community stakeholders to invite to our Cycling Tourism Workshop and Stakeholder Meetings. The stakeholders are recreational cyclists, business owners who want to encourage cycling tourism, civic leaders, or government officials. If you know someone we ought to invite to our workshops, please send me their contact information. And please, forward this email to others. And by all means, let me know if you are interested in participating in a workshop!

Five county specific workshops are planned March 15- April 2, 5:30pm-6:30pm by CalBike Zoom Invitation.

Agenda items for the upcoming Cycling Tourism Workshop and Stakeholders Meetings are to:

  • Identify Priority Routes: Share the proposed routes and seek suggestions

  • Identify Priority Improvements: Seek input on which potential improvements are highest priorities.

  • Identify Bicycle Tourism Regional Assets: Gather input from the community and other stakeholders about recreational, historical, culinary, and other attractions that would be useful in promoting the region to bicyclists.

In advance, thank you for your help,

Rob Williams

CalBike Outreach Manager

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition Newsletter

The MLBC Board recently met to discuss bike advocacy plans and bike sponsored activities in 2021. We agreed that our top priorities are to advocate to improve conditions for biking for transportation and recreation, encourage all residents, kids and adults to ride a bicycle, and to promote our region for road and mountain biking.

During the last several months we have all been out riding in the Motherlode and sharing our bike destinations on social media. Carl, Jack, Nikki, Holly, Rob and Carol are posting pictures and routes on Instagram, Facebook, and Strava.

In January, Caltrans District 10 Bike Advocates: MLBC, Merced Bike Coalition, Stanislaus County Bike Club, Modesto Bike Advisory, Lodi Bike, and California Alps Cycling met by Zoom with the new Caltrans District 10 Director of Planning and his staff.

At this meeting we discussed forming a Caltrans District 10 Bike Advisory Committee, our counties road safety issues and poorly planned rumble strips.

Example of Rumble Strips

Our request to form a Bike Advisory is under review by the Caltrans District 10 Executive Managers. (*Purpose for formation of a District 10 Bicycle Advisory Committee Below) We also discussed our collective disdain for Rumble Strips! The good news is that CalBike has hired a transportation planner to draft general guidance to rumble strip application. These guidelines will be published in the final Cycling Tourism Plan and part of any road improvements application from Caltrans.

The Calaveras Arts Council annual bike event, RideandWalk4Art is scheduled for March 21, 2021. MLBC members are encouraged to participate.See

Current registration is over 35 cyclists and 15 walking participants and 90% are traveling over two hours to attend this event in West Calaveras. This event is a “No Frills Bike and Walk Event.” Cyclists are paying for our road safety preparations and monitoring. Cycle California Magazine will promote this event in late February and early March to over 4,000 cyclists in California, Nevada and Oregon.

Groveland Trails Head Crew

We are proud to share that the Groveland Trail Heads Mountain Bike Destination Trail System in the Stanislaus National Forest was one of eight projects selected for International Mountain Bicycling Association's Dig In Program founded by Shimano-MTB! The goal of the Dig In Program is to bridge the gap between local and national fundraising efforts and show a new audience how inspirational and vital trails are to local communities, businesses and youth.

This is an online peer-to-peer crowdsourcing opportunity with a $2000 match from IMBA corporate sponsors. Groveland Trailhead Needs our support

Ferretti Non-Motorized Trail System

Tuolumne County has been awarded a $2 million State Active Transportation Program Grant to construct sidewalk improvements in the vicinity of Jamestown Elementary School. MLBC provided a support letter for the project, and we are happy to congratulate Tuolumne County on their first successful ATP application. MLBC also provided a support letter for Mariposa County’s application to the Caltrans Sustainable Communities Planning Grant program for an Active Transportation Plan. We wish them the best of luck in obtaining funding to help plan for walking and biking in Mariposa County.

The foothill counties need to compete with affluent urban areas for these statewide grant programs. Joining MLBC and supporting robust community planning can help our cities and counties demonstrate public support for their plans and projects to better compete for funding.

We hope to resume monthly pop up and weekly bike rides but until then, ride along with us on Facebook, Instagram or the Motherlodebike website stay updated on our latest news.

If you haven’t become a member or would like to renew your membership open

Rob Williams


Important Motherlode Bicycle Resources

Cycling Tourism Information

Showcase Areas Tuolumne and Calaveras

Caltrans District 10 Survey

My Calaveras County Road Maintenance Request

Caltrans Safety Maintenance Request

Groveland Trailhead Needs our Support

Pedaling Paths to Independence Virtual Bike Event Registration Open

*Purpose for formation of a District 10 Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)

  • Provide District 10 with a dedicated outreach channel representing bicyclists throughout the District for planning, project development and delivery, maintenance, and encroachment permits.

  • Bring bicyclist concerns about State Highway conditions to the District in a coordinated way (reduce reliance on individual PIO customer service requests).

  • Improve, not bypass, bicyclist coordination for regional transportation planning agencies (COGs, Transportation Councils and Commissions), cities, and counties.

  • Inform coalition and club alignment with State goals regarding Active Transportation, Complete Streets, and transportation equity/inclusion of underrepresented communities.

  • Increase opportunities for partnership and knowledge sharing between bike advocates in District 10.

Calaveras County Arts Council

RideandWalk4Art Is Back!

RideandWalk4Art county special event permits have been approved to hold a NO FRILLS bike and walk event on Sunday, March 21, 2021 in Western Calaveras County. This event will be touchless, pre-registration online, no lunch, no entertainment, and keep your own space!

What we are providing and monitoring is a beautiful springtime bike or walk in Calaveras County!

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition Jack Becker

The Calaveras Amateur Radio Association and San Andreas American Legion Ambulance will be at RideandWalk4Art to insure cyclists and walking safety.

Support vehicles will monitor the cycling route and Road Safety Volunteers will supervise all intersections. Cameron Trail will be monitored by event volunteer.

Learn more and register at our website:

Calaveras CountyArts Education Fundraiser

The Calaveras County Arts Council has a mission to support arts in our public schools. In 2019 the fundraising event Ride & Walk 4 Art raised nearly $6,000; all of the money was earmarked for arts in our public schools. Sadly, last year the Arts Council canceled Ride & Walk 4 Art due to the Covid-19 emergency. Happily, most participants said, "keep our registration money!" But the Arts Council has fallen far short of it’s goal of matching last year's contributions. And this upcoming 2021 school year, students will need the arts more than ever as they return to school and try to navigate this new world we live in. RideandWalk4Art helps pay for many things: art supplies for classes, visiting artists, school theater projects, art days at elementary schools. But most importantly, this fundraiser helps students make sense of their lives as they learn critical real world skills like creative thinking, resilience, problem solving, and project management. Studies show that children with access to the arts fare better in school and life.

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