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We want you to ride more often!

This BIKE RIDING SURVEY asks the right questions. The survey questions get to the heart of making your county a bike riding destination.

Don’t wait, click survey link.

Help us make the Central Valley, Motherlode and Sierra a premiere cycling destination.

Photo courtesy of Ray Prevost

Sample Questions

When planning a vacation do you bring a bike?

What is your go to bicycling-oriented vacation location?

Do you think your county could do a better job being a cycling destination?

Rate our ideas to improve bike riding?

1 Comment

Joe Brown
Joe Brown
Jun 28, 2021

"Vehicle laws not enforced are only suggestions" to them. My wife & I lived in Portland Oregon for 3 years. I would ride six miles to work May through October and we would ride all over during the weekends. The police were very strict there ticketing for speeding (55 MPH highway) and autos not adhering to respecting roadway bicycle markings. The police were emphatic, and "everyone knew it." I felt very safe on the bike lanes but after 15 years back in California traffic has only gotten worse. The laws MUST be enforced better to have the laws for driving respected. In San Diego the amateur car racers own the streets, not the pedestrians or cyclist. The broken enforcement of…

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